Temporary Sound Attenuation Barriers

Outdoor Sound Blocking Soundproofing Barriers | Sound Absorbing Barriers Factory Temporary Mass Loaded Barrier for Construction Site

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Temporary Sound Attenuation Barriers

Temporary sound absorbing barriers (soundproofing barriers) minimize noise by combining sound insulation and sound absorption properties in a curtain. The temporary sound attenuation barriers are portable and can reduce noise by many decibels to help you comply with government regulations and keep working.

Soundproofing your construction site can allow workers and contractors to work longer, thereby increasing efficiency and profits. The production of outdoor sound blocking barriers is suitable for various noise frequencies. After test under EN ISO 354, they have been tested in the laboratory and can be reduced by 26dB at 1000Hz.

Temporary mass loaded barrier is used for:

Temporarily reduce noise from industrial and construction projects
Provide employees with safe working conditions
Control the spread of dust and smoke
Temporary outdoor sound blocking barriers are used by the following industries: manufacturing|construction|mining/oil/gas|water|power generation|education

Sound Absorbing Barriers Factory Temporary Mass Loaded Barrier for Construction Site

Temporary sound attenuation barriers are hung from walls such as curtains or fixed on steel frames installed on the floor to shield or enclose equipment or machines that produce harmful noise. It is also commonly called mass loaded barrier or sound absorbing barrier, which is made of synthetic mesh fabric. The anti-noise barrier is waterproof, lightweight, and has passed the noise reduction test. It is also resistant to ultraviolet (UV).

There are two types of soundproofing temporary barriers. The soundproofing barrier is a kind of sound insulation with higher transmission loss, and the other is a sound absorber with higher sound absorption capacity. Both types of temporary sound attenuation barriers are made of different fabrics with similar soundproof materials. The use of any of these sound absorbing barriers will depend on the situation and requirements.

Our temporary sound attenuation barriers are perfect for:

Night shift
Drilling location
Renovated occupied buildings
Compressors, saws and other loud equipment
Municipal engineering sites (tunnels and railway projects)
Construction project

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