External Acoustic Screen

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External Acoustic Screen

Our unique combination of manufacturing and design skills can provide the only solution to your noise problem. Our industrial temporary acoustic barrier insulation wall has excellent sound absorption and noise reduction, as well as extremely high durability, and can withstand even the harshest industrial environments. In areas where a beautiful appearance is required, our line of decorative external acoustic screen products can provide eye-catching noise control to suit your specific room decoration.

We have combined high-quality outdoor acoustical solutions and lightweight polyester acoustic outdoor quilts. The acoustic panels for outdoor use is designed to contain and absorb noise, or to act as a movable barrier between noisy and quiet areas.

External Acoustic Screen Sizes:

Available in rolls
Constructed with or without grommets
Rw/STC Ratings to 27dB
Standard size 1000mm wide and 2400mm long
Custom sizes available

Acoustic Construction Site Barrier Acoustic Outdoor Acoustic Barrier Insulation for Sale

External acoustic screens are used as shells, shells, walls or other reflective surface linings to reduce reverberation noise energy. Its versatility provides a low-cost solution to many noise problems. When the facing materials on these stable diamond-shaped shells are subjected to air-borne sound waves, each membrane surface will respond in a membranous fashion and transmit sound energy to the polyester core material through the non-porous facing In and distributed in it.

External Acoustic Screens Application Range:

Noise equipment housing
Plant divider
Removable screen
Lining of existing walls
Office cross talk disorder
Pipe wrap
Ceiling covering
Outdoor barrier engine cover
Laminated cotton quilt covers for high pressure fluid applications

The temporary acoustic construction wall system is an outdoor sound insulation wall system, which is composed of high-density polyethylene elements that can be stacked and interlocked to the required wall height. You may offer acoustic barriers for hire or for sale.

Over the years, the very attractive geometric design of outdoor acoustical solutions has proven to be very effective and durable. The price of the temporary soundattenuation barriers is competitive with other structures, and it has a unique feature that can be completely repaired. If conditions change, the external acoustic screen can be moved to a new location.