We are a company that focuses on producing and selling acoustic barrier fence, which is considered as the solution for a health issue that affects 1 in 6 people? Excessive noise induced hearing loss is often named the ‘invisible’ disease, as once the damage is done, it is irreversible.

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About Noise Control

Some of the effects of noise include:

  1. Noise induced hearing loss
  2. Non-auditory health effects such as annoyance
  3. Impact on sleep, which can lead to fatigue
  4. Interference with communication
  5. Behavioural impacts

About Products

Construction works can add to the noise levels of a city. Normal approaches to noise control have been difficult to implement making it unfeasible and unpractical. For example, for a one week job digging a tunnel or cutting concrete; building a hoarding is not an effective solution.

Solutions using new technology like barrier fence make noise control much more realistic for a project. We understand contractors have limited time; this product was designed to be installed on temporary fencing and/or any other mounting points available. They don’t need to be cut or shaped, just hung up or cable tied: Instant noise wall.

Using construction barrier fences shows how new technology can reduce noise levels by 10-20 dB for potentially both the community and your workers on site. Personal protection equipment (i.e. earplugs) is still required for the operator of any machinery, but fence barrier provides a noise break for all other staff working on site and the community nearby. These include from being able to yell out safety warnings to reducing prolong exposure to higher noise levels, barrier fence will help save the hearing of staff and the community alike.

Many companies are already using barrier fence – from major projects like light/heavy rail, roads and major infrastructure to smaller projects like building construction, shopping centres, and streetscapes. Wherever noise is a concern, fence barrier can help.

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