Portable Acoustic Panels

Portable Acoustic Panels Outdoor Movable Acoustic Soundproofing Panels

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General Details

Portable Acoustic Panels

Portable acoustic panels are used to reduce noise in temporary construction sites, etc.

Our portable sound absorbing panels are available in two sizes – 2400×1200 or 3550x2000mm and both are made of high quality polyester wool. These portable movable acoustic panels have durable PVC on one side and fiberglass cloth on the other side and are diamond quilted with lock stitching.

Just because a portable acoustic panel is listed as “Superior or Deluxe” does not mean that it is. Our portable mobile acoustic panels were tested and it blocks up to 27dB.

Portable Sound Absorbing Panels Installation

Grommets make the portable acoustic panels easy to hang. This is especially useful if you are using the portable sound panels for soundproofing or to protect a wall. With grommets added to portable soundproofing panels, they can easily be hung on a wall or in an elevator to protect the finished walls as materials are being moved – very common in residential buildings and commercial offices.

Customized Mobile Acoustic Panels

Customized portable acoustic panel now available! Customizing your portable acoustic panels is a great for marketing, pretension and identification. Contact us to find out information on sizing, logos, names and more! Please note there is a minimum order of 60 outdoor sound barrier panels. Price of acoustic insulation roll will vary depending on choice of customization, such as colour and wording.

Portable Acoustic Panels Outdoor Movable Acoustic Soundproofing Panels

Other Uses & Purposes of Movable Acoustic Panels

Can portable acoustic panels be used for other purposes? Absolutely! Outdoor sound barrier panels can provide an economical method of soundproofing and they have a variety of uses outside of construction site noise control.

Since sound proofing materials are generally either too solid or too soft and not always practical, we have had a number of client’s purchase our portable acoustic panels to use as factory machine noise control curtain and they have been very happy with the results.

Other Applications for Portable Acoustic Panels

Outdoor construction site temporary noise
Substation and transformer outdoor barriers
Cooling units for data center
Industrial and commercial mechanical equipment
Any outdoor noise source