Construction Barrier That Absorb Noise

Construction Barrier Temporary Acoustic Screens Construction Site Barriers

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Construction Barrier That Absorb Noise

Construction barrier is usually used to warn passersby be aware of the construction site. The feature that distinguish our temporary construction barriers to others is its noise reduction ability.

Our flexible construction barrier can be used for residential, commercial, industrial and highway applications that can reduce noise levels by as much as 27 decibels while maintaining an attractive style. We are a supply only company of the construction barrier required to complete the project, this easy to install, kit form fence can be installed by any reputable fence erector.

The premier construction barrier is not only designed to reduce the problematic noise, it also has a very attractive and stylish look. The outdoor barriers have been made with the highest grade of materials and been exported to UK, US, AU, etc. and well welcomed for years.

Construction Site Barriers

Our construction barriers can be used for many outdoor places to solve noise problem. Basically we have two different construction barriers to offer.

Construction Barrier Temporary Acoustic Screens Construction Site Barriers

Absorptive Barrier

The absorptive layer can be added to the reflective and highway iron or plastic barriers. To be used where the sound is not be reflected back to where it came.

Both Absorptive and Reflective Barrier

A thinner 18mm acoustic board for more visual applications. This temporary barrier fence has been tested or certified for noise reduction STC 27.

Our team has over 5 years experience in the supply of acoustic screens construction barrier, and over the years we have spoken to thousands of customers all looking to solve the same issue.

Construction Barrier That Absorb Noise

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