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Outdoor Barriers Acoustic Screens External Building Site Barriers

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General Details

Outdoor Barriers

Outdoor barriers are usually used for exterior private or traffic control. What distinguish our outdoor site barriers are their noise control ability. Benefits of these building site barriers are to reduce noise complaints, enhance company reputation, extend site operating hours, reduce project timescales and costs, and improved working conditions.

Our outdoor barriers are specially designed to be hung on walls, hoardings etc. to convert them from sound reflecting to noise absorbing. The acoustic barrier can also be suspended from ceilings. It absorbs sound whilst being quick to install, lightweight, waterproof and durable.

Outdoor Site Barriers Key Features

Simple and quick installation system
Lightweight for easy handling
Unique roll-up design for compact storage and transportation
Double or triple up for noise ‘hot spots’
Ability to add branding and messages
Absorbs sound but not water
Range of fixing accessories available
Reflective strips to aid night time visibility
Weatherproof – does not absorb water

Outdoor Barriers Acoustic Screens External Building Site Barriers


Construction and demolition sites
Rail maintenance & replacement works
Music, sports and other public events
Outdoor sound absorbing panels
Utility / Council maintenance sites
Works staff welfare sites
Event barrier hire / rental service
Road barrier hire

Technical Data

Dimensions (flat): 2400mm high x 1200mm wide
Weight: 5.4 kg/m2
Acoustic performance: 10 – 20dB noise reduction (greater if outdoor barrier doubled up)
Wide frequency range noise absorption


Rugged design to securely attach acoustic screens external barrier products to most temporary fencing systems.
Note: hooks can be reversed for use with smaller diameter fencing. Attach multiple barriers to one hook

Elastic ties
Designed to rapidly secure outdoor barriers in place, ensuring they are straightened out across the fencing they are attached to so there is no acoustic leakage.