Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier

Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier MLV Acoustic Barrier Vinyl Acoustical Barriers

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General Details

Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier

The mass loaded vinyl barrier is a highly flexible 5.4 kg/m2 sound and moisture barrier designed for those applications where to have an acoustical barrier is desired. It’s a reinforced version of to our AB302 acoustic barrier. AB302 is good but it could be better. Reflective acoustic vinyl barrier alone has its disadvantage.

A MLV acoustic barrier without any added absorptive treatment is by default reflective. In highway applications for example, a reflective noise barrier on one side of the roadway can result in some sound energy being reflected back across the roadway to receivers on the opposite side. In this situation, it is a common phenomenon for one to perceive a difference in sound after a noise barrier is installed on the opposite side of a roadway. Individuals on the opposite side of the roadway may perceive a change in the quality of the sound; the signature of the reflected sound may differ from that of the source due to a change in frequency content upon reflection.

The best way is to combine both absorptive material and reflective material. That is how our mass vinyl acoustic barrier was developed. They can conform to the shape of your chassis, or for more intricate areas, can be molded with a hook. It’s quite flexible.

Mass loaded vinyl barrier can be installed and used with an iron fence for increased acoustical efficiency, an important consideration especially in construction site, or to control exhaust noise event site.

Blocks unwanted Road Noise when used over the entire surface area
Not a permanent installation, easily removable for service when required
Moldable, conforms to the shape of your floor pan
Highly effective low cost alternative to using damping products only
Measurable results
18mm thick

Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier MLV Acoustic Barrier Vinyl Acoustical Barriers

What’s in it for you…

Easy installation
Cost effective sound and moisture barrier
Custom molded fit with heat application
Easy removal for repairs or service

Where to Use Vinyl Acoustical Barriers?

Behind door panels
Transmission tunnels
Construction barrier
Inner fender wells
Rear quarter panels
Trunk floors

What People Are Saying

“Residential neighbors next to our restaurant had complained about the noise coming from our outdoor patio, and we purchased three Mass Loaded Vinyl Barriers to block out the music and the noise in general. The neighbors seem much happier now, and we can keep our customers happy with music outdoors. Mass loaded vinyl barrier is definitely something we would recommend to residential customers as well as commercial customers.” Restaurant Owner