Outdoor Soundproof Wall

Mobile Soundproof Room 27dB Exterior Sound Proofing Barrier | Soundproof Outdoor Barrier Portable Soundproofing Barrier for Events and Construction Noise

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Outdoor Soundproof Wall

With the dehydration pump, you may feel frustrated by the high noise. As described in this article, the noise problem can be solved by using a portable outdoor soundproof wall to insulate the dehydration pump. Generally, dehydration pumps may emit one of two types of noise: vibration and airborne.

Dewatering pumps tend to make a lot of noise, so when used in urban areas, they will benefit from sound insulation, especially considering that they are constantly running. The ideal solution is to regularly schedule maintenance and install it correctly, but where it is overlooked or unavoidable, soundproof outdoor wall can solve this problem.

Outdoor Soundproof Wall Features

Technical index
Noise reduction: up to 27db
Length: 1300mm
Height: 2000mm
Brand: fully printable
5% better price guarantee

Soundproof Outdoor Barrier Portable Soundproofing Barrier for Events and Construction Noise

The type of noise generated by the dehydration pump

1. Vibration

The first is vibration noise, which is caused by the pump vibration into the surrounding ground and nearby walls. To alleviate this problem, please reinstall the dehydration pump with isolation tape. You can install them between the pump and the structure to prevent vibration from hitting the structure.

2. Airborne

The second type of pump noise is the airborne noise emitted by the motor. It is generated when the pump is running. To stop this noise, you must use a suitable exterior sound proofing or portable soundproofing barrier. Although cartons are a popular DIY option, they have almost no ability to absorb noise and reduce transmission loss, while specially designed outdoor soundproof barriers are better. Tested in the laboratory, mobile soundproof rooms can reduce noise by up to 43.3 dB .

Sound insulation with outdoor soundproof wall

Due to the modular design, the exterior sound proofing cover can be configured as required. The type of configuration depends on the size of the dehydration pump, and partly on the decibel reading that the pump emits, that is, it is loud. In the case of excessive noise, a double-layer portable soundproofing barrier can be used to further attenuate the noise.

You want to make sure that the soundproof outdoor barriers reach the height of the pump housing/unit itself to ensure that the acoustic shadow is physically cast on anyone who may be exposed to the noise.

The acoustic fence barriers help to expand the sound shadow of the noise enclosure and expand the protection area.