Custom Acoustic Barriers

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Custom Acoustic Barriers

Acoustic barrier products are called sound insulation barriers or mass loaded vinyl acoustic barriers, which are customized according to various sizes. (Custom slits, small hole patches, windows, ribbon curtains, etc.) The building environment sound barrier system is a light-weight engineering sound-absorbing system. It is easy to install, has extraordinary aesthetics and high-performance acoustic effects.

Custom Acoustic Barriers Data

Description- Heavy Duty PVC faced quilted polyester wool bonded to a reinforced loaded vinyl barrier
Nominal Thickness – 15-18mm
Weight – 1.5-7.4 kg/m2
Rw/STC = 15-27
Available facing colors on quilt: Gray, Tan, Black, etc.
Temperature Range – minus 20 to + 180 degrees
Standard Panel Width – 1000mm wide, lengths as required up to 5000mm high
Temporary Sound Proofing Barrier Factory Temporary Acoustic Panel Temporary Soundproof
Our custom acoustic barriers are divided into two main acoustic product groups:

Standard Acoustic Barrier with mass loaded vinyl inside: reduce noise by absorbing the sound used in factories, manufacturing plants, stadiums, auditoriums and building environments. Acoustic barrier design: The acoustic barrier absorbs and blocks sound. Used in industrial plants, manufacturing and construction sites.

There is a grommet at the top, and Velcro interconnects down on both sides. The average drop of the advanced mass loaded vinyl acoustic barrier is suspended from the ceiling or floor frame, and the average drop is 20 to 40 decibels. For more information, see individual specifications and sound insulation properties below.

Non-reinforced sound insulation barrier

Provide a polyester cotton wool stitched acoustic barrier products with a thickness of 15mm, with a vinyl non-reinforced barrier stitched inside. The versatility of noise reduction barriers is limitless. The size of the application level and the location of harmful noise do not match the noise reduction blanket material. Only our acoustic custom barriers can absorb noise and are designed to absorb harmful sound reflections. Application of acoustic customized barriers are in large-scale, special and noise applications.

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