Construction Site Acoustic Barriers

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Construction Site Acoustic Barriers

Many construction site acoustic barriers on the market are heavy. This means they can be cumbersome to use and store, they can be bulky, and take up a lot of space. On the other hand, acoustic barriers on construction sites often fail to provide the performance standards you need-that is, with the exception of our construction acoustic barriers.

Construction Site Acoustic Barrier Specification

Thickness: 18mm
Size: 1000x2400mm, 1000x5000mm, etc.
Structure: 4 layer
Acoustic Performance: 27dB reduction

Construction Site Sound Screens

Unlike walls or shrubs, this material can not only block direct sound well, but also has a tendency to reduce noise while preventing sound reflection. This happens because the flexible, heavy-weight acoustic material actually vibrates from the sound, turning part of it into inaudible traces of heat (surface lead works the same way). Our acoustic barriers construction sites have acoustic properties and can provide 27 laboratory certification STC. Although a 27 dB reduction represents a 85% reduction in the human ear, it is very related to the sound of surrounding objects, and the sound will be reflected from the surrounding objects to the fence or around.

The acoustic barriers construction material is very strong and designed to withstand outdoor construction sites, highway environments and most other outdoor applications.

Acoustic Barriers on Construction Sites Hanging on Temp Fence Construction Acoustic Barriers

The construction site sound screens can meet all your requirements:

It is light and thin-the obstacle is only 18 mm
It has excellent performance-although the noise control construction barrier is ultra-thin, it has the STC27 noise level.

The thin construction acoustic barriers you have been looking for.

Therefore, our acoustic barriers construction sites have been widely used. This includes noise-sensitive environments under construction. Examples include hospitals, schools, office environments, government buildings, etc. With our thin acoustic barrier on construction site solutions, people in this situation and the environment are significantly less disturbed by construction work.

Why choose us as your construction site acoustic barriers?

In addition to our outdoor soundproof wall is an efficient thin construction site acoustic barrier solution, you should also choose us due to the durability of our products. We use the best materials and have extensive experience in manufacturing noise reduction products.