Temporary Acoustic Panels

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Temporary Acoustic Panels

Temporary acoustic panels, also known as external temporary acoustic walls, temporary acoustic treatment materials, are mainly used in construction sites to provide an economical sound insulation method for the sound insulation of construction sites. By combining sound insulation and sound absorption characteristics in a temporary soundproof curtain, it can maximize reduce noise, prevent noise from spreading to the neighborhood, avoid complaints from nearby residents, and reduce noise in the work area.

Temporary acoustic panel can allow workers and contractors on the construction site to extend their working hours, improve quality and stability, and will not reduce performance due to changes in rain or sunlight. It is very suitable for your construction site noise control.

The temporary sound proofing board has buttonholes, so that the portable sound insulation board is easy to hang on the pipeline structure or fence, so that the portable sound insulation board covers the construction site and is easy to move with the construction equipment.

Temporary Acoustic Panels Technical Index

Finishing material: PVC and waterproof fabric
Internal material: sound absorption + damping material
Size: 1200 x 2400 mm or customized
Thickness: 50mm
STC value: 23dB
NRC value: 0.80
Color: green, gray, black, blue, etc.
Temporary Sound Proofing Barrier Factory Temporary Acoustic Panel Temporary Soundproof
If you are looking for a temporary acoustic panel that suits your industrial environment, you can’t go wrong with the soundproof exterior walls we provide! This temporary sound proofing barrier is easy to handle, making your operation and installation easier. Due to the flexibility of the weight reduction barrier, it is very suitable for many applications. You can choose an acoustic construction barrier that not only cushions any excess volume, but also meets your budget requirements.


Temporary acoustic walls have a wide range of applications. It is inevitable for you to find products suitable for your industrial environment. The temporary acoustic treatment barrier acts as a sound screen and has a wide range of uses. Whether it is noise lag for pipes and pipes or barriers for walls, we are confident to find the right solution for you to minimize the volume. Our temporary soundproof barriers are also used as partitions for walls and doors, allowing you to open and close doors quietly and easily.