Temporary Soundproof Wall

Barrier Outdoor Soundproof Temporary Wall Temporary Noise Insulation |Soundproof Temporary Walls Temporary Sound Proof Wall Temporary Sound Insulation Barrier

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Temporary Soundproof Wall

What is noise pollution and how do you prevent it?

A healthy and safe working climate for employees and an optimal living climate for local residents: it’s so much easier to achieve than you think! By controlling noise with temporary soundproof wall on your construction site, you respond to the wishes of all those involved. You maximise living enjoyment for local residents and minimise hearing damage to employees on the construction site.

Proper use of temporary soundproof walls

The season of street parties, open-air festivals, and parties is the best time of year for many. Long, lingering nights with friends, a delicious drink in hand and live music are simply part of summertime. Of course, noise control should not be missing either, so that there are no complaints from local residents. Besides open-air festivals, construction sites are just as delicate a situation in terms of noise, as they often attract unwanted attention from local residents.
Thickness: 18mm
Size: 1000x2400mm, 1000x5000mm, etc.
Structure: 4 layer
Acoustic Performance: 27dB reduction
Soundproof Temporary Walls Temporary Sound Proof Wall Temporary Sound Insulation Barrier

Soundproof Temporary Wall Feature:

Sound absorbing
Self-draining portable soundproof wall
Charming temporary wall outdoor
Non-reflective, Non-conductive, Non-magnetic
A variety of colors to choose from
Strong and sturdy

Temporary sound insulation barrier: How less noise will yield more for you!

Soundproof temporary walls not just reduces noise pollution for local residents. When you use this sound-proof fencing, you also meet the requirements for obtaining a permit, preventing absenteeism due to illness, or can create low-noise sections where necessary. For example at First Aid stations, backstage, VIP rooms, or in catering areas, or when noise reduction is required on the construction site when jackhammers or generators are used. The temporary sound proof wall or temporary wall outdoor is easily and quickly installed close to a sound source, reducing noise by approximately 27 dB.

Industrial temporary noise insulation

Industrial temporary soundproof walls help reduce health threats to employees who have long suffered from unwelcome noise pollution. Noise pollution not only damages hearing, but also creates a distracting work environment and may cause other safety issues.