Portable Acoustic Wall

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General Details

Portable Acoustic Wall

The key to a successful project using portable acoustic walls, outdoor acoustic wall panels, portable acoustic screens or external acoustic wall panels is to design them correctly from the beginning. Our expert engineers will:

Evaluate your needs to ensure that we fully meet your current and future requirements.
Recommend the correct type of reflective and absorptive portable acoustic wall for your project.
Consider all your needs. This includes not only how effectively the portable acoustic wall you choose to absorb and reflect sound, but also whether they are also suitable for each specific location and how easy it is to maintain.

Portable Acoustic Wall Specification

Thickness: 18mm
Size: 1000x2400mm, 1000x5000mm, etc.
Structure: 4 layer
Acoustic Performance: 27dB reduction

External Acoustic Wall Panels Portable Acoustic Treatment Barrier Movable Acoustic Wall Panels

Take the time to ensure that your project has the best sound insulation and we will provide and install them on time and within budget.

Industry-leading Portable Acoustic Wall

Our portable acoustic walls, also known as movable acoustic wall panels,  are made of a variety of materials, allowing us to provide and install the right products for your project. These include reflective and absorptive sound barriers made of the following materials: polyester, PVC and MLV.

We also provide other products to further enhance the noise reduction characteristics of the portable acoustic wall. We are known for providing the best portable acoustic treatment products and services in every project we carry out. From the initial concept of any noise and environmental barrier project to commissioning and completion, we provide a full range of services.

We will provide the correct acoustic panels portable product recommendations and guidance for your environment, and make designs and drawings to explain how to place the acousitc barrier fence to achieve the best results. Then, we will manage all aspects of acoustic barrier temporary supply and installation suggestions, and work closely with any other contractors involved in the project to ensure that we complete the installation of the portable acoustic wall before all agreed deadlines and follow your requirements working.

This commitment to only provide the highest level of service means that you can rely on us, no matter what your portable acoustic wall needs are.