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Acoustic Barrier Temporary

Noise disturbance around the construction site. Causes, regulations, trends and solutions.

People are paying more and more attention to the noise interference in construction projects and the possible interference. Complaints from local residents and non-compliance with laws and regulations can cause construction projects to come to a standstill. Acoustic barrier walls can help you reduce noise disturbance in construction projects and avoid complaints from local residents.

The new design of the acoustic barrier temporary version reduces the noise that can be heard during construction. The maximum noise reduction rate is as high as 27 dB. You can isolate noise sources by placing these obstacles strategically to ensure that sound does not spread to the surrounding area. The branded acoustic barrier has a wide range of uses and is very suitable for use in any construction project.
Branded Acoustic Barrier Wall Factory Flexible Acoustic Barrier 27dB Reduction
Reduce noise disturbance in surrounding areas and employees

As a project manager, your responsibility is not limited to project progress. Employees may be directly and indirectly affected by noise levels, which may cause hearing loss. We are increasingly aware of indirect consequences. This is why it is so important to protect your employees from noise as much as possible. After all, noise is still one of the biggest health risks in buildings.

With proper installation, acoustic barrier temporary barrier is easy to limit construction noise from aggregates, grinders, pumps and demolition projects elsewhere on the construction site. The acoustic barrier wall is a fire-resistant canvas that is easy to use and measures 1.2 x 2.0 meters, which can reduce noise by up to 27 dB. For example, isolating aggregates in a square installation will not only limit the noise in the surrounding area, but also limit the noise of your employees.

Flexible Acoustic Barrier

An active fence requires branded acoustic barrier to control noise. The smaller size makes the installation of the external acoustic barriers easier. The thinner material of these outdoor barriers makes them easy to store.

The noise control barrier is composed of a special patented sustainable canvas and many other acoustic materials. The acoustic wall barriers increase the service life and makes the product maintenance-free. The material is weather resistant, UV resistant and fire resistant. The obstacles are very flexible and can be used in various situations.