Outdoor Sound Absorbing Panels

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Outdoor Sound Absorbing Panels

Outdoor Sound Absorbing Panels are available for exterior applications, such as long-term applications HVAC systems, dust collectors, and generators, and short-term applications construction sites or drilling operations. Our exterior sound absorbing panels offer noise control that’s simple, cost-effective, and they work!

The outdoor sound absorbing panels offers the benefits of both sound absorption and noise barrier products in one for outdoor applications. A cost saving non-reinforced mass loaded vinyl barrier is bonded to exterior grade vinyl-coated fabric faced quilted fiberglass absorber. Outdoor noise reduction panels are constructed with grommets across the top and bottom, and exterior grade Velcro seals along the vertical edges.

Benefits of Outdoor Sound Absorbing Panels

Reduce outdoor construction and/or community noise
High actual noise reduction up to 27dB(A)
Easily installed, relocated, or modified
Economical alternative to rigid outdoor sound absorbing panel systems

Outdoor Sound Absorbing Panels

Flexible configurations to suit your needs for easy set-up, easy maneuverability.

Custom engineered systems for any application
Designs blend with landscape
Durable and washable
The outdoor noise cancellation panels are available with variety of colors

Outdoor soundproofing panels help you get the job done without hassle and on time.

Comply with city noise codes
Expedite options ship in one week or less!
Avoid litigation from neighbors
End costly delays and work stoppages due to noise

Outdoor Sound Absorbing Panels Provide 2-Way Protection!

Blocks construction noise so project site is neighborhood friendly.
Absorbs sound so it does not bounce back noise to job site like concrete barriers or plywood.