Acoustic Quilt 1200 x 2400 mm

Acoustic Quilt

Acoustic Quilt | Soundproofing Sound Deadening Quilt | Soundproof Insulation Quilts

Acoustic quilt is custom designed for clients to suit their need. Our acoustic quilts are very effective in absorbing sound and blocking its transmission outside the enclosure. We provide soundproof quilt that can be fitted into the area around the sound generating equipment. We also have sound deadening quilt which can be used to prevent the noise from escaping an area. The sound rating for the sound insulation quilt varies depending on the use of the blanket and the client’s requirement.

An acoustic quilt can be used for temporary situations. We can provide acoustic quilts as equipment noise barriers, for stage sound, as tent walls and any other areas that may require an acoustic quilt. The acoustic quilt soundproofing material can also be used as demising wall and prevent sound from being carried over to the other side.

Soundproof Quilt Advantages

Portable: The acoustic quilt is portable and can be moved around and placed where required.
Fire retardant: The side facing noise source is made from fire resistant material.
Durable: The acoustic quilt is weather proof.
Material: The core of the acoustical quilt is made of polyester wool and it is covered with fiberglass fabric.

Acoustic Quilt

We provide acoustic quilts for permanent setups as well as for temporary use. The supporting structure is optional and depends on the client’s requirement. We can set the acoustic control and adjust the sound control system. The range of these panels is from STC-19 to STC-27.

Since they are in visible locations, we have added some aesthetics to the acoustic quilts and they are available in a variety of colours. The size is also variable and can be made to suit the requirement. The acoustic quilt can be portable or fixed depending on the situation and the commercial acoustic solution required.

Temporary soundproof quilts are used to enclose compressors and hydraulic pumps. They serve as partitions for blower noise and outdoor barrier fence. The panels also control noise from industrial projects like HVAC units. Factories, industrial sites, mining and manufacturing facilities commonly use them to comply with industrial safety noise levels.

Other Uses of Sound Insulation Quilt

Schools use outdoor temporary barriers fence and acoustic blocks to enclose noisy condenser fans.
Hospitals and other businesses use temporary sound deadening quilts to reduce noise from outdoor air cooled chillers.
Gymnasiums, churches, and multi-purpose rooms use temporary sound insulation quilts on acoustic banners on the ceiling to control echo, loudness, and improve sound quality.
Animal shelters may use soundproofing quilt to control the noise from barking dogs. Outdoor kennels can use them to block noise from reaching neighbors and businesses.

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