June 6, 2015

Why are absorptive echo barrier better than reflective echo barriers?

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Why are absorptive echo barrier better than reflective echo barriers?

In a sense, reflective echo barrier is echo creator for the area near noise source. Without the barrier, the direct sound is going far away. With the reflective barrier, the direct sound is reflected back and become echo outdoor.

Shocked? The answer is simple: Absorptive sound reflective materials eliminate sound waves that hit them, so they are echo absorber. Reflective materials merely bounce them in different directions.

A breakdown of the science behind absorptive and reflective materials:

A sound reducing barrier wall such as the AB403 with a porous surface material and sound-dampening content material is said to be absorptive. This means little or no noise is reflected back towards the source or elsewhere. Hard surfaces such as masonry or concrete are considered to be reflective. This means most of the noise is reflected back towards the noise source and beyond.

Why AB403 Absorptive Acoustic Barrier System?

Acoustic barrier walls fall in one of two categories: reflective and absorptive. Let’s compare reflective and absorptive to get a better understanding.

Reflective Echo Barriers:

Barriers without any added absorptive treatment or design, such as block, concrete, wood or metal, are considered reflective. This means, in the case of highway applications for example, that sound energy actually bounces from one side of the roadway to the other. Because there are often reflective barriers on both sides of the road, reflective noise reverberates between the temporary barriers and the vehicles, pouring out into the adjacent neighborhoods. This reflective phenomenon can actually increase overall noise levels to the affected residences.

Absorptive Echo Barriers:

Absorptive echo barrier price, on the other hand, doesn’t reflect sound. In fact, installing a fully-absorptive barrier such as the AB403 acoustic barrier will eliminate the risk and problems of reflective noise altogether in any application.

Truly effective noise attenuation requires the use of sound-absorptive treatments or echo equipment rental, and no topical or textural treatments applied to reflective materials will ever compare to the sound absorption qualities of the AB403 acoustic barrier fence system. Used in a wide variety of applications ranging from highways and airports to loading docks and schools, the system is the ideal solution for virtually any outdoor noise mitigation requirement.

Ready to find out more?

Let us help you overcome your noise problems with our 100% absorptive AB403 acoustic barrier system. Request more information on our products today.

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